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Re: Movies that OFFEND you

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It's pretty hard to offend me, but 120 Days Of Sodom did the trick.
I knew of the movie before I saw the Cinema Snob review/riff of it, but had never saw it. It's one of those movies that I'm sort of interesting in seeing it cause of the reactions people have to it. But at the same time, I don't think I could make it through it.

stj wrote: View Post
I'm not familiar with that. Pasolini maybe?

However, the massive disingenuity in posts claiming that it's silly to find movies offensive always overlook the simple fact that movies include porn. No one argues the fact that someone can find that offensive, not even the people who are against censorship. (Which incidentally is not a thread topic.) My experience is that this tack is invariably inspired by a desire to rule out political or social criticism. Naturally religious criticism is always acceptable, since it is reliably reactionary.
Well it's all down to personal opinion. If someone finds porn offensive--whatever the reason--I can't say that they're right, or they're wrong. It's a personal choice.

That said, I do find misogynist porn to be offensive. The type where the woman is treated about an equally as a lifeless fuck-doll--and no, not all porn is like that.
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