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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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It isn't OPINION that nobody was proposing the decommissioning of starships; they weren't.
Yes, they were. The fucking CIC started to say something, along the lines of "well, our non-military stuff is probably going to be unaffected but--" and then was cut-off. Why would he say "but" to the first part, in response to her question, if he wasn't going to entertain the possibility ?

I think you are so dead-set against the very idea that Starfleet represents, at least partly, the military arm of the Federation that you are unwilling to consider any evidence that it is. As such it makes this conversation futile.

So you trust two officers you've never seen before, at least one of whom is later seen committing high treason... but you don't trust Jean Luc Picard?
Did you just try to play the argument from emotion card ? Who cares if it's Picard's opinion or not ?
And that's my opinion.
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