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Re: The only reason to have a Starfleet Academy...

Replicators may be common aboard starships, but they may not be in the average household just like how transporter systems may not be, IMO.
Of interest here might be that in "The Maquis", the Cardassians "poisoned the wells" of the colonists by reprogramming their "public" food replicators.

Now, this may be the far frontier, which we know is teeming with luddites. But that aside, the existence of public replicators may or may not indicate that private ones are rare. Or then it merely indicates that Cardassian saboteurs can access public systems more easily than private ones. Certainly it would seem odd that the colonists would have to spell out to each other that these replicators are "public" if there are no other kind.

This would tend to undermine the colonists' insistence that only the core world people can be saints in paradise - the benefits of a replicator society would still seem to be available to the frontier settlements.
In short, not everyone may have a replicator.
Onscreen material seems to suggest that San Francisco is the location of the main campus
Indeed - but there's no real evidence for the existence of another campus as such.
There were actually two listed briefly on monitors in TNG's "Eye of the Beholder," where two different officers graduated. One on Beta Ursae Minor II,

and another on Beta Acquilae II.
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