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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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^ There is a sign at my local coffee shop that says something like: "We understand if you're on your phone. It's probably important, so we'll assist other customers until you are done."

It seems to work...
I would like to see more of these signs where I shop.
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I'm amused/amazed at the idea that the customer and cashier have some kind of mutual responsibility to be polite to each other.
I think people have a mutual responsibility to be polite to each other, regardless of their roles in a particular situation.
Precisely. Some people, however, just do not understand the concepts of courtesy and mutual respect. I was raised to practice them, but I am noticing that more and more people just don't get it.

Several years ago, I stopped to fill up the gas tank. I was on the phone, because my employee had just been robbed. It is a 75 mile trip each way to get to that store.

I told my employee, who was very upset and frightened, to hold on just a moment while I paid for the gas. The cashier refused to take my money until I hung up the phone. I let her know I was not talking, as I had asked them to hold... she still refused. I called 911, told the police the situation, gave them my name, phone number and told them when the cashier was more reasonable, she could call me for payment.

To my surprise, the 911 dispatcher asked to speak to the cashier! Whatever they told her, she took my payment so I could be on my way. Since I had put my employee on hold, gave my full attention to the cashier, I felt it was wrong to be refused service... especially in an urgent situation.

My brother and I speak on the phone almost every day. We have an agreement that we put each other on hold if we are ready to order or check-out. It is just common courtesy to the people helping us with our purchases.
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