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Re: Klingon Battle Cruiser

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During a battle galleys solely relied on their rowers for speed and maneuverability and thus ultimately for their survival. So the rowers had to be healthy, well nourished, motivated and able to work as a team - that many oars had to be operated in unison and as needed. Ben-Hur perfectly illustrates what happens when (ill-treated) slaves are being used instead.

I'm not sure why you're citing Ben-Hur as evidence.
I was citing Ben-Hur, because thatīs the movie that established the myth of galley slaves, AFAIK (if you donīt count the silent movie, the stage production and the initial novel that itīs based on).

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Romans didn't (generally) mistreat their slaves, as they were investments. What's the point in keeping people so weak that they couldn't do the job they were bought to carry out?
My point exactly
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