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Re: Unused crossover ideas

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^Yeah, Sran, but was Starfleet well-aware of the dangers of the Dominion before Voyager's fateful mission? (I'm asking).
Yes. "The Search" happened on stardate 48213.1. "Caretaker" happened on 48315.6. Without knowing the length each digit represents, it's reasonable to conclude that at least several weeks passed between these episodes. Starfleet definitely should have known about the Dominion and the threat they represented by the time Voyager was ready to launch.

It doesn't mean that Janeway (or the Maquis) was given a full briefing though. They might be aware that the Odyssey was destroyed in a battle in the Gamma Quadrant, but that's not exactly relevant to Voyager's mission to hunt down Chakotay's ship in the Badlands.

Given she set off from Deep Space Nine, you imagine Janeway might have at the very least have met Sisko, but then again since the Defiant isn't there in Caretaker, the main crew might have been away on a mission. Caretaker occurs between The Abandoned and Civil Defence in stardate chronology.
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