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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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I think using all the instruments from the "Space Seed" antique instrument display is inspired!

The only thing I might add as an option is this old photo from Popular Mechanics.

In addition to the regular Trek-ian props--like the hypo, white sound device, scalpels, etc., there are a variety of regular 20th century surgical instruments. (Forgive the red arrows.)

1. White sound device (Shure microphone)
2. Trigger Sprayer
3. Large wound healer/protoplaser
4. Small pill bottle with red pills
5. Red lid to small pill bottle with some red pills in the lid
6. Red lid to large pill bottle with some red pills in the lid
7. Mark 1 First Season Hypo
8. Grooved director with plain end
9. Director but I'm not sure what kind; I'm still trying to find it
10. 14.0 cm Bryant forceps non-locking
11. 14.0 cm straight Kelly forceps, locking
12. Turned aluminum "scalpels" (total of four)
13. Stelton salt and pepper shaker "scalpels"
14. Small wound healer "protoplaser"
15. Long thumb forceps

(Large pill bottle with red pills is in De's hand.)

You might consider replacing some of the "Space Seed" items with some of these other items that McCoy had. (Well, at least he had them in this publicity picture.

So it looks great with what you are doing, and you might consider replacing some of them with some Bryant, Kelly, and thumb forceps, and with some different directors if they seem to be a better fit.

Lots of surgical supply item catalogs are available online. Some grooved directors are here:

Lastly (and I know they are a bear to make), McCoy always had a Burke 116 (with arms) behind his desk, instead of a regular Burke 115.
Thanks to this picture, and your other post a few pages back listing the item names on the "Space Seed" surgical tool board, I'm able to google the real-world parts to get better reference shots for building these props. I'm modelling the Simpson-Braun Obstetrical Forceps as we speak.
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