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Re: The Official Speculation Thread about John Hurt's "Secret" Doctor.

Emperor-Tiberius wrote: View Post
Well, it officially sucks, IMO. Kinda takes away from both the Eighth and the Ninth.
You're assuming facts not in evidence. All we know right not for certain is that Hurt's Doctor is between McGann's Doctor and Eccleston's Doctor.

We don't know what Hurt's Doctor did. For that matter, we still don't know which Doctor fought the Time War. RTD's choice was Eccleston, fandom's choice has been McGann, and now people are assuming that it's Hurt because Hurt comes in between the last time we saw McGann and the first time we saw Eccleston and, oh yeah, the Time War comes somewhere in between the last time we saw McGann and the first time we saw Eccleston. It very well could be that "what I did I did without choice" has absolutely nothing to do with the Time War. If Hurt takes away from McGann and Eccleston, it's not because he's taking away from what they actually did, it's because he's taking away from what fans assumed they did (and meant).

I'm not convinced at the moment that the 50th-anniversary special will have anything to do with the Time War. Which Doctor fought the Time War and what happened at The Moment strike me as questions fans would have (because they want the show's history to fit together and they like to spackle over gaps to make it join) that don't matter to the Not-We mainstream audience (because they just want to be entertained). Moffat likes throwing bones to the fans ("Every Dalek comes back!"), but that's often nothing more than a hook for a story that ends up far afield from those bones.
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