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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I just started doing STF space elites on my main, after having a mark crisis, and I have a few questions/comments:

-Were Borg spheres always that fast? It's really annoying when they just speed away like they do when you're in an escort with cannons.

-Do Borg have plasma resistance? I put some nice plasma DHC's on a ship, but they seem to have less DPS vs Borg than tetryon DC's on another ship, even considering consoles and such.

-Why is ISE easier than ISN for pubs? Are normal players just that much worse? Even in the dumbest ISE pub I've been in so far, we were able to take out the nodes completely before the mass of nanite spheres came to heal it, even with some special folks not following the 10% rule; but in ISN, that's never happened, and it takes quite a bit longer to take out the nodes, even sometimes failing the optional because the nanite spheres (or even drones!) get through.

-Is there a way to get loadsa Rommie marks like there is with the Borg marks?

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I love the look of the Odyssey starship and have been wanting to get one. However, my characters are already in very good ships.. Fleet Armitage (Tac), Recluse (Sci), Galor (Eng), Temporal Destroyer (Sci), Breen Chel Grett (Tac), Vesta (Sci), Fleet Ha'feh (Rom-Tac)

So I'm finding it very hard to justify spending zen on the oddy pack. Not sure if I should just get it for fun or save my zen and wait for cryptic to release better ships?
If you have the zen and want it, why not? You don't have to make it your main ship for any toon, just something to pull out of the garage when you feel like it.

It's also probably one of the better ships for Tour the Universe, with its extra slipstream time.
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