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Re: The only reason to have a Starfleet Academy...

Gov Kodos wrote: View Post
Why explore at all. Send out robots and let folks sit in overstuffed loungers having the experiences pumped into their heads?
Inherently, no one ever has to leave their house at all with replicators that can instantly deliver any food or item they want at their fingertips.

I may be in the minority, but personally, I think not everything is so easily accessible in the Federation. Replicators may be common aboard starships, but they may not be in the average household just like how transporter systems may not be, IMO. Most people still have to go out and get stuff (including specialized training).

T'Girl wrote:
Fan have wondered for some time why from dialog there is apparently only "The Academy." It does make more sense to have multiple campuses spread throughout the federation. Why have just the one?
Onscreen material seems to suggest that San Francisco is the location of the main campus, but that Starfleet cadets receive training from all over the Federation. It could be a case that cadets travel back and forth between Earth and other training centers over the course of their overall term. Some cadets may even earn Academy credits serving for awhile aboard active-duty starships and distant starbases as midshipmen.
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