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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

Nobody seems to have commented on the E.T. parody episode. I didn't much care for it -- too much a parody of a single movie, and it's a movie that I hated. There were some good laughs early on, though. And the conceit that everyone is more impressed with Fry's performance when he isn't actualy there was funny.

I really enjoyed last night's folk-singer episode, though. Lots of funny lines and gags, and it's a genuine science fiction story, a tale where the crisis arises from a future technology and its ramifications. Though it did a nice job setting up the mystery, so it was a while before we realized that. I also like the continuity bit that they're still using the new Planet Express uniforms introduced in an earlier episode.

The one off note is that scripter Ken Keeler chose to use his cartoon counterpart Ben Beeler as the inventor du jour. It would've felt more natural for Professor Farnsworth to be the one giving the sciencey exposition, and being responsible for creating a machine that unleashes terrible havoc. Besides, Beeler was a paleontologist in "Jurassic Bark."
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