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Howard is a nice guy, he's mostly just very boring to watch as he is quiet and just hangs out.

As expected, after the vote last night everyone is scrambling to try and figure out who voted for who. For those wondering why Jeremy voted for Elissa and who want the more detailed version of what went down this past week.....

There was a big group who agreed to vote out David, including Amanda, Spencer, Howard, Judd, Helen, and Andy. McCrae and Elissa were in on it although they couldn't vote. At the same time, the MC (Moving Company) is still together, but both Nick and Jeremy are pretending to be on the other side of the house (Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jessie, David, GinaMarie) so that no one knows the guys are working together.

Whenever anyone (mostly Helen) asked about bringing Candice in on voting out David, Spencer would say something like "oh definitely, I will tell her all about the plan on eviction day. Just don't tell her anything, it needs to come from me." The MC's plan was for Jeremy to vote out Elissa so his cover wouldn't be blown, for Nick to vote out David, and for Candice to vote out Elissa as a cover for Nick. So that Nick could go on claiming he voted out Elissa too when it was actually Candice (Aaryn, Kaitlin don't like Candice and wouldn't be likely to believe her). Spencer told Candice yesterday to vote out Elissa.

The problem for the MC is that Helen and Candice trust each other and Helen told Candice what the real plan was. So last night they had a conversation about how Spencer must be lying, and that one of the only logical reasons would be because the guys are working together. They were on the verge of figuring out all members of the MC. They pegged Spencer, Nick, Jeremy, and possibly Howard as working together. They don't understand how McCrae and Amanda fit in to everything.

So anyway that's the long version! What's sad is I could probably go even more detailed than that.

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