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Re: ENT: A Choice of Futures by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!

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The book is great, the best ENT I read so far!

I especially liked Dax and his "secret". The fact that they concealed the truth about the symbiots felt really believable, and it could be the source of good adventures.
This was established in TNG: "The Host." The Federation was unaware of the Trill's true nature until the events of that episode. (Although later DS9 episodes suggested that Sisko had known before then, and some other individuals have been in on the secret in other books, including Dr. McCoy according to The Lives of Dax.)

But I'm curious about a few little detail, that whould help me picture the story better. First: are Kirk and Liao officers?
Yes. Lieutenant and lt. commander, respectively.

Second: is the Thejal that other class of Andorian ships from the show?
You mean this one? I think I meant to suggest it might be, but I left it ambiguous, since that ship was a reuse of a shuttle-sized craft from an earlier episode, so I wasn't sure those ships were big enough for what I had in mind.

Third: does commodores and crewmans have a different rank insignias?
I'm sure they do, but I didn't come up with any.

And I'm a little puzzled about Tallarico being on the Discovery. Wasn't she destroyed too long ago for Tallarico to be still just an ensign?
Good point. There's a very good explanation for that, which is that I goofed. Maybe I'll find a way to explain it later.
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