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Re: BY ANY OTHER NAME: Rojan and the cubes

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In destroying the woman's cube, it gave a greater impact to the story - remember the context of the time.
I'd love to have this part elaborated on (I didn't live through the context of the time, by the way). If it was the woman that survived, it'd be a sort of damsel-in-distress situation--is the impact the fact that the situation didn't allow for woman-saving to occur? (Also, is it somewhat good/refreshing that the damsel-in-distress cliche was thereby avoided?)

I'm also wondering, what if it wasn't revealed right away who the survivor was?

Maybe is just me, but a woman's death has more impact than a man's does. It elicits more sympathy, and generates more loathing for perpetrator. Coupled with Kirk's obvious 'fondness for the ladies' this is the writer's way to clearly delineate the Kelvins as evil.
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