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Marooned my ass.

If they started with just one working replicator in less than a year, even without Janeways help, they would have been building transwarp coils. Isn't it amazing that Seven never built a transwarp shuttle? Those Drones in ENT Regenerate figured it out pretty fucking quickly how to make a transwarp shuttle out of basically a dingy. It's almost like Seven didn't want to go home.

You've noticed that there are two sorts of Star Fleet Teacake?

Officers and Enlisted ranks.

In most of the current military, the average ratio of enlisted to officers is 9:1.

With automation in the future it is possible that less enlisted are needed, but I doubt it. Everything still needs to be swabbed and repainted continuously.

It's a question of training. 4 years in the Academy, only the best of the best to make an officer. 12 weeks in bootcamp, almost anyone, to make a yeoman or petty officer.

The enlisted do shit work, the officers tell the enlisted what shit work to do.

O'Brien "Don't call me sir! I work for a living!"

An Officer can resign their commission within certain limits. Not during war and not during a mission and not when they're doing something essential. It's pretty silly to force someone to be in a position where they have their finger on the button, but if the don't follow the correct exit protocol, its off to New Zealand for 20 years.

Enlisted ranks do probably sign a contract for a fixed duration, like in the real world, and then re-up or walk away. Why would anyone do that? I imagine that Starfleet looks fantastic on your resume if you want to do something of value in the private sector or for the government, and Starfleet if you work it right, is probably a superb technical college where you can walk out of it with magnificent degrees and qualifications, again which translate into being prime tottie on the job market. Remember no money, vs boredom, vs civic pride = the human philosophy to better themselves and therefore the entire species.

Lets just assume that a great government job, comes with a great house, meanwhile some who sits on their ass, is in a small box with a couple pads and a replicator... Which kinda does what money does with out money. Work = status, yet the lowest conceivable subsistence is still fantastic to stupid 21st century us... Who today wouldn't kill for a replicator, a couple padds and a box to sleep in?
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