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Re: Movies that OFFEND you

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Wait what? It's been a while since I've seen those movies... but how was Iron Eagle patriotic bullshit? Isn't the plot that the US Government sells out a downed pilot to some tinpot dictator for political reasons, and his teen son decides to steal a jet fighter to try and rescue him?
The mean American hating A-rab dictator and his mean American hating A-rab minions do mean things to our brave serviceman (who is in THEIR country for some reason). And the biggest thing that sticks in my craw from that movie (so much that I still remember it years later) was the put down of President Carter, who was ridiculed, and the idea that the "tough guy" Ronald Reagan was going to swagger in and make everything alright. Give me a break.
You've got it slightly wrong.

Although you were correct in that it was an Arab Dictator (oddly enough, appearing to be a Saddam clone even though at that point he was seen as a western ally), who was flexing his muscles by attacking the US aircraft in international airspace NOT in their country, the whole premise of the movie was that the American Government, even when they knew they were going to execute the pilot, were going to do JACK SHIT about it!

Arab dictators, African dictators and evil commies were all the rage then (just look at almost any episode of Airwolf!), and there were a lot of much more jingoistic pictures back in the '80's than Iron Eagle, like the aforementioned Red Dawn, and Delta Force.
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