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Yeah I heard some clips on the radio where he uses the term. Although apparently they changed the meaning from "trusty scout" or "faithful friend" to.... "wrong brother." Because now it's supposed to be a derogatory thing I guess.
They way it played out made it seem like Tonto had a sense of humor and was just messing with Reid when he told him what it meant.
I should also add that Reid has a good follow-up line when he says… "Do you know what 'Tonto' means in spanish?" Look it up.

Despite the movie's problems, I do like the updated costume designs…

Fun Fact: Early Texas Rangers didn't have official badges. Some had them but they were custom made. Source. The one Reid wears was used by his father, who almost certainly had it made by a professional.

Depp's look was based on a painting called "I Am Crow" by Kirby Sattler.

The horse was one of the movie's highlights with its friendly look and amusing behavior…

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