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Re: Satisfying Cancelled Show Endings

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So a complete lack of a conclusion counts as a "satisfying conclusion"?
What I said was that it was a more satisfying conclusion than the movie version. Honestly, despite killing off two principals, Serenity doesn't have much more of a feeling of finality to it than the series. Given the choice, I think the last scene in "Objects in Space" is a better way to go out than anything in the movie, which missed the tone of much of the series and didn't handle the ensemble particularly well.
I disagree with that. The resolution of River's story was a big part of the movie. Simon and Kaylee had some resolution as well.

As for the tone, I agree it was somewhat different, but I think that was placed in a clear context. They were more desperate, and the stakes were much higher (smuggling cows doesn't really compare to the murder of an entire planet).

I thought Serenity was a fitting ending (if it had to end), far more than Objects in Space (which was a good episode, though).

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