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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Downloaded - free admission
This is the End - free admission
Much Ado About Nothing (2013) - free admission
The Lone Ranger (2013) - free admission
Despicable Me 2 3D - free admission

Went into work early the other day, and got into MAAN on the last day to see it for free. Go me!

I enjoyed the hell out of the movie, mostly 'cause of the cast, made up almost entirely of Whedonverse alumni. The dialogue was a bit difficult to follow, since its ye olde school English, but still worth watchin'.

After my shift, I got into the second showin' of the new Tonto movie with my friend Galena. We both were entertained by the western-ish comedy, and I'll be goin' again, for sure, since I missed a brief bit towards the end, thanks to the need for a potty break.

Went into work early yesterday, and I was able to get a ticket for DM2 in 3D. The minions crack me right the hell up, and they are featured more prominently in this one than the first one.

I'm not even gonna try for a movie today, but I still haven't seen World War Z or Monsters University....

And the Ritz has two comin' up this weekend, a James Gandolfini memorial screenin' of The Man Who Wasn't There on Friday, and Yankee Doodle Dandy as the "Broadway Brunch" film Saturday & Sunday.
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