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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

The amount of forensic work you devote to the project is amazing, you go where no (or only few) "fan" has gone before according to my knowledge.

I don't know what you will (if you want) do about those Season Three Mike Minor paintings that decorated vaious walls. The one with the "red pyramid" had been reprinted in Starlog magazine but that's only one of a dozen.

Donny wrote: View Post
The "Journey To Babel" stage 9 plan is incorrect when it comes to the office. It has the shelf walls behind the desk jutting too far out. I struggled a lot with this while constructing the walls last night, and tried to get it as accurate as possible.
Yes. For my deck plans I corrected the shelf wall, too, but - if I'm not mistaken - we both realized a problem: Aligning the office table with the door frame puts the chair and its user in a rather tight spot which somehow isn't what we see onscreen.

I really don't know what's the story behind these incorrect Stage 9 plan "reproductions" because the office flaw also shows up in the other "blurred" variation (probably "Season Three") of the plan (with the large GNDNs in the engine room and a transporter console) published in The Making of Star Trek, but want to offer a theory:
  • what we have here is not a set construction blueprint with measurements
  • it is apparently a reproduction of the original construction blueprint that also reveals the infrastructure and space available on Stage 9. What it shows foremost are the location of swing walls
  • thus it's probably an orientation sheet sent in advance to the directors to familiarize themselves in advance with the shooting set and show them options (i.e. which walls can be removed for shooting and which ones can't) to plan ahead
  • we also know today that this wasn't sufficient. Matt Jefferies spent extra time on his weekends (talk about devotion to the job) to construct a physical 3D model made from paper to "walk" the directors through this set.
  • unfortunately, his model is apparently based on the Season Three set reproduction and also has the office "flaw".
If the doors of the sickbay set featured in those reproductions have the correct positions, I can only assume that the actual doctor's office was wider than those reproductions want to make us believe. This is definitely a riddle I'd like to see resolved before even thinking of final CAD deck plans in 2D.

Whom you gonna call? I think this an opportunity for studio set specialists like feek61 and Mytran to let us know what they think.

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