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Re: The only reason to have a Starfleet Academy...

I nitpick some sci-fi myself, so I am not innocent. However, a critic must be mindful that sci-fi is never a "prediction" of the future. The best sci-fi is an allegory of our own world. (Otherwise, what's the relevance to the audience?) Lots of excellent sci-fi from the early and even mid 20th century is now hopelessly outdated. I'm sure all of us can think up plenty of examples. Yet that does not invalidate the human aspects of those stories. Newer stories might take virtual worlds, augmented reality, and 24/7 mobile connectivity for granted because that is what today's audiences understand as normal and common.

Starfleet Academy is a shorthand for the kind of training audiences understand intuitively. Just because a technology exists does not mean that it is most efficient—economically or otherwise. Episodes in the holodeck were one of the four or five basic story ideas making up all of TNG. (Other "types" include the Q stories, the Data plays with his emotion chip stories, time travel, etc.) Starfleet is supposed to be about exploring the frontier, boldly going and meeting new civilizations. Starfleet is not about glorified couch potatoes.
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