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Re: Do turbolifts have any sense?

Cardassian design, perhaps instead of doors there is some sort of forcefield.
Apparently, there's nothing at all - no inner doors, not even inner walls. Just railings to hold on to. Which is a bit dangerous, and apparently how Cardassians like it.

Well, okay, there's a bit of wall there, behind the backs of the users. It's even a plot point in "Crossfire" where a falling lift can be stopped by Odo thrusting his arms against this wall segment and bulging it out against the shaft walls.

I guess the back wall is handy when the lift is traveling sideways - it prevents the occupants from being blown off the platform by the onrushing air. But it's quite clear that there is air in the shafts normally, just like there is air in the TNG or TOS-movie shafts every time our heroes venture into those (but those are special emergencies).

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