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Re: A way Endgame could have been redeemed

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I find 7's panicked "I am Borg" declarations to be very touching. Because dear 7, you are not. It's not like some vague bit of the old country you return to in your elder years, you're either plugged in or you're nothing. And I think we see that reality even as 7 refuses to.
I didn't care for it. I saw it as something she was made to be in a maturation chamber. Removing that Borg tech should have been like removing body parts from a person. But the series didn't embrace the idea in that fashion, rather in the standard Trek form of what else could she want to be but human. Such a desire would have been more believable to me had she been a former Starfleet officer from that Borg attack at Wolf 359 (I think) than a child molded to be the Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 001.
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