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Just saw it. Wasn't worried about a packed theatre either.

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I would have loved to have seen a proper, big budget Lone Ranger movie, but the way the critics describe it makes it sound WAY too much like the Pirates sequels for my taste-- bloated, way too long, unnecessarily convoluted with too many boring subplots and side characters, and cartoonish, over the top action you don't believe a second of.

And the way they turned the Lone Ranger himself into a bumbling idiot just makes me want to punch someone.
Saved me the trouble. Actually, I didn't think it was bad, but what you just described is pretty accurate.

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Does Tonto even say "Kemo Sabe" once during this thing?
Yeah I heard some clips on the radio where he uses the term. Although apparently they changed the meaning from "trusty scout" or "faithful friend" to.... "wrong brother." Because now it's supposed to be a derogatory thing I guess.
The way it played out made it seem like Tonto had a sense of humor and was just messing with Reid when he told him what it meant.

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And apparently Tonto also makes fun of the "Hi-yo Silver" line as well, which is just... ugh.

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...Depp is playing Jack Sparrow as Tonto...

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