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Re: The Prime Alternative

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Very nice work... there is one technical issue I was wondering if you could address, and then I have two thoughts to share:

On the underside of the primary hull, the spotlights just seem wrong. They seem to start from behind the light-source. Is there something I am missing to explain why the lighting seems to start a few feet closer to the center of the saucer than the light-sources would suggest?

As far as aesthetics:

Having the three portholes forward on the bow seems out of place given the otherwise TMP era placement of windows. That somewhat stands in my way of appreciating the bow views as much as I might otherwise.

I personally find the fan blades too jarring. I prefer a clouded bussard... or the version found on Enterprise NX-01... gives the appearance of a reactive torrid as opposed to some big mechanical structure that seems to serve no useful purpose.

Those are my perspectives on this ship, which I find to be an amazing work of art. I'll be super excited to see the physical model.

For the ramscoops, it'd be nice to see a bit of swirling gas in there while the spinning blades are in motion, giving the idea that they're drawing interstellar gas in, perhaps towards the center bulge there.
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