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Re: Developments you'd like to see in the NTrekverse

sorry not quoting because it's too hard to do on a tab...

I dislike the timing of Uhuraís outburst because they were in mid mission, approaching Kronos, 3 minutes eta Harrison and their lives were in danger not because Kirk was there. The discussion was ended by an attack by the Klingons, which IMO reinforces that as a bad time.

Sure humans loose it at the wrong moment sometimes, but not every time or we'd be extinct. Uhura is a trained professional and the volcano thing had happened some time earlier - I'd have hoped she'd have picked a better time.

I think the writers put it there because there was nowhere better, given the amount of action but I still dislike it. I donít dislike Uhura btw, it pulls me out of the story and I think bad things about the writers.

wrt your examples

Spock marooned Kirk immediately after Kirk mutinied and attacked him but when they were deciding what to do next, not mid mission . It was still inappropriate and iirc while he was climbing out of the hole Kirk muttered about suing him.

Spock attacking Kirk was definitely unprofessional and Spock removed himself from command because of it. Also IMO having your love for your mother attacked immediately after you'd seen her, your home planet and 99. 9 % of its people destroyed is more immediately provoking than your boyfriend not being demonstrative when he thought he was going to die some days ago. YMMV.

Kirk's behaviour at the Kobayshi Maru was unprofessional and Spock was trying to get him thrown out of The Academy because of it when news of the attack on Vulcan came. Moreover that happened in a simulation, not on the front line.
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