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I love that Aaryn and GinaMarie have been let go from their respective jobs, the only downside is that they won't know until they leave the house.

I think we have found this year's male douchebag in Jeremy. I can't believe that CBS aired his "I'm going to build my teepee and throw spears at buffalo" line. We've already pissed off Homosexuals, African Americans and Asians, why not Natives as well?

I really hope that Amanda is legitimately into McCrae because as a man who spent a lot of his late teens\early twenties as an outcast, when a girl that looks like starts hitting on you, you don't say know. If she jumps into another bed this week, I'll lose all respect for her.

And finally to our evictee David. Did he even know where he was? Aaryn is at least entertaining as a villain. I have a hard time believing David can tie his own shows without help.
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