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Re: Tuvok is an Idiot

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If im wrong tell me so. If you dont care, there is no reason to respond.. since you've responded, clearly ive struck a nerve or two..
Do you have reading comprehension problems? Where in my post did I say that I don't care? In any event, I find your behavior throughout this thread- toward me and others- to be completely inappropriate. You've no business assigning me to an ethnic group, nor should you be shifting the blame for the direction this thread's taken onto other posters. This entire situation started because of your OP, not because of anything anyone else said.

So what would you like me to say mate? Clearly you are fiending for an argument. Are you saying my earlier statement is wrong (which it is not)... or that I am wrong for saying it at all??

There is plenty of other stuff to argue about. Your responses have already told me more about you than you realize. (i could start a glorious troll shiite storm from your last 2 posts easily)...

but.. point is, I like arguing about STAR TREK stuff. If in the course of this, i make an offhand reference that offends someone, i apologize.. but i really dont wanna argue about said reference.
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