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Re: Tuvok is an Idiot

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No one has ever explained why the Romulans are not as hotheaded as Andorians or even humans.. and why they have a highly developed culture and society and have never destroyed themselves as Vulcans think is inevitable should their species allow emotion to flourish.
There is a TOS novel i remember reading called "The Romulan Way" which went into a LOT of detail on the origins of the romulan people. I think it was just before Sarek.. It was a killer read.. featured leonard mccoy
I absolutely hated that book.. it's unreadable IMO. Very dated.
Of course its dated. But if you read it in the context of "vintage star trek" you'd get a lot out of it. Origin stories are transient in general (look at the JJ Abrahms Star Trek for example)...
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