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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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Just because the customer is the one shopping, and the cashier is the one with the job, doesn't give the customer carte blanche to act like a jackass. Somebody jabbering away on a cellphone in the middle of a transaction can be disruptive, not only to the cashier, but to other customers. It can make it difficult to serve them if they can't talk back to the employees. And it holds up the line as well. Why should those running the store have to allow that?

In the end, while it may be technically allowable to have the customer yakking away, it doesn't make it right. All parties have certain responsibilities to each other. Job or no job.

not everyone who talks on their cell phone in public is that stereotypical person who's yelling loudly and disrupting those around them. If the customer is talking in a relatively low voice, then being on their phone is no different than if they were having a conversation with a friend who was next to them.

And yeah, if there's an issue during the transaction where there needs to be a question asked, that's one thing. But if it's a routine cash purchase for a few items that requires nothing more than handing over a twenty dollar bill, there's no real need to get off the phone. Again, the customer is not there to be friendly to the cashier.
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