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Re: British series approach?

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As others have said, a British shorter season won't necessarily work for a US show.
Worked for game of thrones
Yes, but that's a specific cable show, like The Sopranos etc, where shorter seasons are the norm (6-13 episodes).

TPTB if producing a Trek show would want it mainstream and that means the standard 22-26 episode run, like most ABC/CBS dramas, to wring as many advertising $$$ as they can get from it, as they get nothing from people paying a subscription to watch it.

Trek would also need a lot more money in set-dressing, as whereas something like Game of Thrones can film on location, Trek would by it's nature be unable to get away with Stargate SG1's "Which planet does this Canadian forest represent this week?" attitude.
Didn't they already try that in ST though with Vasquez Rocks, it represent a lot of planets in it's various appreances TOS, TNG, VOY, ENT, ST (2009),
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