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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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I'd be very surprised if they make a sequel unless Pitt does it virtually for free. The film cost $190 million to make and its unlikely at this point that it will even break even. Paramount which owns the rights currently to the film and IIRC the film rights for the book isn't likely to sink more good money after bad on a franchise that cannot make them $$.
Box Office Mojo:
Journalists have been writing World War Z's obituary for months, but ultimately audiences didn't care much about the behind-the-scenes drama: the zombie action movie shocked everyone when it opened to $66.4 million, and had already amassed $123.7 million through the end of the month. It's on pace for a final tally well over $180 million, and with good overseas grosses it should be well-positioned for a sequel.

AV Club:
Flush with success at the box office, Paramount has announced it's working on a sequel to the Brad Pitt-vs.-zombies blockbuster World War Z. The project was originally intended as a trilogy, was then scaled back to a single movie whose production was nearly scrapped after a troubled shoot, only to see the movie bounce back to become an unexpected hit—so pretty much anything could happen at this point. Still, the film's $66 million opening weekend was enough to convince the studio that perhaps people will go to see a movie with Brad Pitt in it after all.
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