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Re: IAU Rejects name of Vulcan for Pluto moon

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Oh, and while we are at it, Kerberos sounds like a deliberately obnoxious word made up by either Orcs or computer programmers...
No, it sounds like a Greek word that hasn't been Latinized. That's how it's supposed to be spelled. Well, except... in the Greek alphabet.

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
I'm still baffled by how many moons that are orbiting around something that's no longer considered a "planet".
Plenty of asteroids have moons. A moon is a satellite of another object; that object is not required to be a planet.

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Now the whole "a dwarf planet is not a planet" is awkward, but oh well.
As I understand it, it's a collision of two separate proposals that don't mesh well. One proposal was for a subclass of planets that would be called dwarf planets; the other was for a class of non-planetary objects that would be called subplanets. Somehow the closed-door committee that slapped together a hasty compromise ended up taking a little from Column A and a little from Column B and ending up with a class of non-planetary objects called dwarf planets, which is conceptually, linguistically, and procedurally a mess. Although it certainly fits the classic definition of a compromise: an agreement that leaves both sides equally unhappy.
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