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Re: IAU Rejects name of Vulcan for Pluto moon

I'd take the terminology hysteria a little bit further. It was never quite enough, and if IAU rejects Vulcan, I reject IAU.

No doubt this will cause the IAu an endless number of sleepless nights.

I'll never cease fighting against IAU, even when they make the occasional right naming decision once in a while, such as this one!
Well, a few more enraged internet positings ought to turn them around.

Oh, and while we are at it, Kerberos sounds like a deliberately obnoxious word made up by either Orcs or computer programmers, they should have gone with Persephone. Not enough female moons out there anyway.
Greek spelling of Cerberus. Easy to confuse with the Orcs, though. One responsible for democracy, the other worked for Sauron to recapture the One Ring. Get them mixed-up al the time, myself.

Personally, the IAU made the right call here. Trekkies already jumped the gun with the space shuttle (and you what that got us). Wait for a new planet, then clammor for it be called Vulcan.
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