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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I didn't really mind since didn't numb me in the same way that Transformers 3's action did. That was just a constant assault on the senses for a huge portion of the movie, this I actually got involved way more in.
Yeah it helped that the movie had actually got me emotionally invested in the story by that point, so I cared about what Superman was doing and wanted to see him prevail.

Plus it was basically just Superman vs Zod, so it wasn't THAT hard to follow the action-- unlike the TF movies were there's about a dozen different robots and humans running around and you can barely keep track of who's doing what.
I've gone on record saying that the first of the Bay Transformers movies is one of my favorites of the last ten years, but even I admit that they got really messy as the movies progressed. Best thing about Transformers 3 was seeing Patrick Dempsey play a humongous douche.
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