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Re: Highest Ranking Woman?

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She didn't know there would be a fight. Logically, she was there to officiate a wedding.

Conventional fanfic and even pro novelists have taken the approach that T'Pau is Sarek's mother, Spock's grandmother, and Amanda's mother-in-law (I recommend you read Diane Duane's excellent Spock's World).
In current novel continuity, Sarek's mother is named T'Rama. T'Pau is sort of a great-aunt.
T'Pau could as easily be related to T'Pring as Spock, but neither Kirk nor Spock said anything about being related to T'Pau. All that was said was Kirk had no idea Spock's family was important enough to have T'Pau there. When families are wealthy and influential enough, the high muckety mucks come to officiate things.
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