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Re: Easy Episode Rating Thread: TNG S2

Mine, from favorite to least:
  1. Q Who
  2. The Measure Of A Man
  3. Elementary, Dear Data
  4. The Emissary
  5. A Matter Of Honor
  6. Contagion
  7. Where Silence Has Lease
  8. Loud As A Whisper
  9. Pen Pals
  10. Unnatural Selection
  11. The Schizoid Man
  12. Time Squared
  13. Peak Performance
  14. The Child
  15. The Dauphin
  16. The Royale
  17. Shades of Gray
  18. Manhunt
  19. Up The Long Ladder
  20. Samaritan Snare
  21. The Icarus Factor
  22. The Outrageous Okona
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