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Re: Why are Creationists so afraid of Evolution?

What I don't get is how a literal interpretation of Genesis creation gets past the contradictions in the text? We start with creation story version 1.0, the six days of creation; this is followed by creation story version 2.0, Adam and Eve.

There are different orders of creation in each story (eg humans are create AFTER animals in the first, but BEFORE animals in the second) and even the creation of humans is different (ie Adam is created well before Eve, but in the six days version man and woman are created at the same time (in fact Jewish biblical scholars suggest that the Hebrew text suggest that they were created as a single creature, back-to-back male and female together)).

Genesis has been around for at least 2,500 years - you don't think rabbis and Jewish scholars haven't noticed the contradictions before?

Why do the Christians have to come and misinterpret Jewish texts? I mean original sin, really??? WTF?!?
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