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Re: Why can't Ro wear her Bajoran earring?

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^ Like I said, it's an oft-used shorthand to refer to someone who is a Lieutenant Colonel as just "Colonel."

And we do know that the Bajoran military has that rank. Colonel Day (Steven Weber's character from that 3-parter) was one.
Though even Odo, a strictler for formality, even when he was laying it on thick in Image in the Sand, didn't say it. Makes sense that she was due for a promotion, Starfleet trusted her, and gave her a double one simply to keep a Bajoran in charge of DS9 since Sisko was gone. The Federation was constantly trying to replace Odo, so it's hard to imagine them not wanting to bring in their own person after Sisko briefly left. The novels also support her being a full colonel as she was gripping about being passed over on promotion to general and she was translated over to a full captain after the Federation joined Bajor.
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