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Round 2 to re-release the TOS Bridge model with TOSGRAPHICS decals!

Round 2 is re-releasing the classic AMT TOS Bridge model in August or September of this year. Round 2 has made some improvements from the original kit that include adding Spock's hooded veiwer, Sulu's targeting scope, reworked overhead displays and the biggest improvement which is adding stations to allow the builder to complete the entire circumference of the bridge. I built this kit when it was originally released and one of the things that really bugged me about it was that the decals were not at all accurate to what we saw on screen. I'm sure I was part of a very small fraction of modelers to notice since back in the day very little was actually documented about the various displays and control panels. Well, I am happy to announce that TOSGRAPHICS.COM has been working with Round 2 to create a very accurate decal set for the new release. Not only are the displays accurate but also the control panels and overhead displays are also all very accurate; right down to the correct colored buttons! Certain compromises of course had to be made due to the old tooling but this new release from Round 2 should allow the modeler to produce a far more accurate version of the bridge than possible before! I keep suggesting that Round 2 produce a newer larger scale bridge model but they have other projects in the works currently (like a new larger accurate Galileo model). If the 1/350 Enterprise continues to sell well, perhaps a larger, more accurate bridge model will be a possibility . . . . I know I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!! In any case, it was fun working with Round 2 on this project and hopefully everyone will enjoy the new release of the kit. I know I am looking forward to it! Below is a little preview of the graphics that TOSGRAPHICS.COM provided to Round 2 which will be part of the decals of the new Bridge model.

Even though the decals that will come with the kit are pretty small, the original artwork is 1:1 scale or in other words actual size. Here are a couple of examples of the original artwork from the Comm station:

During the run of the show details on the Bridge were continually changing. The control panels and other details on the decal sheet for the Round 2 Bridge kit will reflect what we saw in the late second season episodes.

More information about the various displays and other Trek stuff can be found at our homepage here:
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