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Ain Jalut
Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

I certainly wouldn't coddle them.

The question was never about how they would be treated, but how their worldview would be respected. That you feel they would need to be re-educated shows it wouldn't be respected at all, and indeed many things about 17th century beliefs would not be compatible in our times. Nor would things about 20th century beliefs be combatible in the 24th century.

Everything Picard had to say to Offenhouse was dead on. Yeah, he could have said it nicer, but Offenhouse obviously didn't put much stake in niceness anyway.
I bet he meets plenty of traders and he does not treat them like that. Why is he even dating that greedy Vash chick then? Is she so much bettr than Offenhouse?

In a way, you get the feeling that the writers are talking to us, the viewers, through these characters.
No wonder they only wrote that one episode.
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