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Re: 2013 NBA Offseason Thread...

Chris Paul (Clippers), Tony Allen (Grizzlies), Kevin Martin (Joining T-Wolves from Thunder), Chase Budinger (T-Wolves), JJ Redick (Joining Clippers in Sign-and-trade from Bucks), David West (Pacers), Tiago Splitter (Spurs), and Manu Ginobili (Spurs) all off the market.

Pistons rumored to be in the running for Rajon Rondo as well (feelers to Danny Ainge from sources). Knicks going after Elton Brand. Dwight Howard is saying he will make his decision on Friday. The Lakers, Mavericks, Hawks, Rockets, and Warriors are courting him. He says the decision is "Completely up in the air." We'll wait and see.

The Kings pulled the offer because Iguodala wanted to wait and see if Denver would match. Sacramento was unwilling to wait and that is why they pulled the offer. Yes, they have new ownership. The team was sold for over 400 million dollars to the Seattle group (the Maloofs majority share) although the NBA is not willing to let them move the team. It lowered the price. Their original bid was 550 million dollars that may have netted the franchise 664 million when you consider all parties involved. The Board of governors rejected their plan to move from Sacramento to Seattle, and therefore, the bid. They re-bid with the intention of staying in Sacramento (and the community building them a new arena). The other owners, sans the Maloofs, are still owners of the franchise, although not a majority share.

As for the Clippers-Suns-Bucks trade, I don't see why Milwaukee traded for JJ Redick when they had Monta Ellis. 2 second round picks still seems light packing for this. If it were 2 first-round picks, then sure. The Clippers are the clear winner here. Coming off of last season, they had Chauncey Billups, great in his day, but not worth the money and the starting nod in 2013. Billups is a free agent and San Antonio is rumored to be after him. They should let him go. Their 3-guard rotation of Chris Paul, JJ Redick (who can run some point), and Jamal Crawford is a lot younger, more talented, and it stresses the three ball without giving up things like ball movement and foul shooting. Then there's Caron Butler. He has been absent in the second half of last season and the playoffs. When he's on, the Clippers looked like a different team. But he's 34 before the end of this season. He's had knee trouble, and his shot just wasn't falling. They get a very versatile and underrated player in Jared Dudley who can come in a shoot threes, rebound the basketball, played every position in Phoenix besides point guard, and is a good locker room guy. So, on paper, with Doc Rivers coaching them, they look like this:

PG: Chris Paul
SG: JJ Redick
SF: Jared Dudley
PF: Blake Griffin
C: Deandre Jordan

They still have an underrated Matt Barnes to play 2-4. He can play tough perimeter defense, rebound the basketball, and score consistently from outside as a stretch-4. This is just fantastic. I cannot imagine the offseason going better for them then it has. They still have Willie Green who is great on penetration into the lane and hitting the outside shot at the 1 and 2 positions. They get a backup point guard, and a couple of bigs off the bench, they will be ready to contend for a Championship starting next season.

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