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Re: ABC's Happy Endings cancelled

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So Seinfeld is responsible for the fact that both shows had 6 characters, and both shows had all six characters develop parallel relationships? That's a stretch if you ask me. HE didn't need to have two characters married, two as exes, two as siblings, and two as ditzes.
The similarity is in the structure of the show, ensemble acting concept with multiple storylines for the characters unfolding simultaneously. The "show about nothing" concept is also a Seinfeld thing -- the characters carrying on and exaggerating their reactions to relatively trivial matters to a comedic result.

Friends borrowed heavily from the basic Seinfeld (and so did H.E.) formula but added romance which was really just a superficial embellishment.

IndyJones wrote: View Post
Happy Endings took place in "Chicago" though.
I wondered where they were supposed to be. Wait, was the show shot in Chicago or was that where the show was set?
Anyways, I'll miss this show. The number of jokes they crammed into 22 minutes was crazy.
I used to have to regularly roll back the DVR to catch all of them. That cast spoke faster than any ensemble I'v ever seen or heard.
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