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Re: What's your opinion of Gul Dukat?

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I mean OTHER than that.
Other than that? What else is there? Do you want me to say he's not evil when he's sleeping or something?

Dale Sams wrote: View Post

Possibly. But again, he's insane. Why is all the usual 'just following orders, I tried to be nice (at least relative to other Cardassians)" stuff'...BS lies he tells himself.

But the 'regrets nothing and wishes he could kill them all' stuff is THE TRUE DUKAT?...other than the fact that Sisko (and hence us) like it when things are black and white?

The ironic thing is Sisko is saying half the episode 'What are you wanting me to say? What is it you're wanting to hear'...but as soon as he gets Dukat to say what Sisko wants to hear, he knocks him out with a pipe.

tl;dr....Dukat is insane and anything he says that does or does not confirm whatever narrative we want to create for him should not be trusted.

edit: And why would a guy who wanted to murder billions regret killing one Trill woman?
Just following orders is an excuse to cover the deed. So is being insane. Other than his breakdowns in Favor the Bold and Waltz he was always calm, collected and in control. So the insanity bit is really just an excuse too.

As for Waltz? It's obvious that Sisko was baiting Dukat to say what he wanted him to say. Either for his own black/white simplicity or maybe just to work him up so he can club him while he's in distracted in a megalomaniacal rant, who knows?

Dukat is a liar, and revisionist in his own head. He's literally the hero in his own story. I don't think he regrets anything he does, he just says that because it makes him look good. I don't think he regretted killing Jadzia, he just said that for the same reason(obviously there was a security camera in there he was speaking for the benefit of, because even though he beamed in/out with no one but Jadzia there, everyone knew it was him that killed her).

Maybe he tricks himself into believing these things, maybe he just spouts it out knowing it's bs. Who knows? Really that's part of what makes him such an interesting character.
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