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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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I'm also reminded that Sisko tells Leyton in "Paradise Lost" that the other Federation worlds probably wouldn't take too kindly to Starfleet overthrowing the President and creating, effectively, a "military dictatorship." Assuming I'm essentially right about Federation laws vis a vis military buildup, then Leyton is making essentially the same calculation as Marcus -- his "strengthening Earth" is his belief that Starfleet must become a full military force to counter an alien threat -- and realizes that the current government is in no way prepared to allow this. Sisko explicitly mentions civil war (which is probably what the Founders were hoping for too) which suggests that the other Federation members have their own space forces that could, either individually or collectively, give Starfleet a run for its money.
To me it seemed Leyton seemed frustrated with a President who he felt wasn't taking the Dominion threat seriously enough and decided to take matters into his own hands. That's a bit different from Marcus who felt Starfleet isn't strong enough to take on the Klingons. Although there are similarities, the two seem to have different goals for their endgames. Marcus seemed to be trying to actually start a war with the Klingons, I don't think Leyton was trying to start war with the Dominion.

There never has been any evidence that Federation member worlds have their own military forces. Indeed, it is mentioned on DS9 that when Bajor was admitted into the Federation the Bajoran Militia would be absorbed into Starfleet. Of course in the novels, we do see Federation member worlds do have their own militaries and even the Bajoran Militia continues after Bajor's admittance into the Federation.

Which still doesn't explain why he was presiding over their trial, nor does it explain how the President manages to simply sidestep the Starfleet legal system for that one charge he DIDN'T pardon, thereby both demoting him and giving him command of a starship by Presidential fiat.
Just one of those contrived things we see all the time in movies. And truth of the matter is, it makes more sense to me for the Federation President to be assigning starship commands than it does for Starfleet Academy's disciplinary board.
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