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Re: IAU Rejects name of Vulcan for Pluto moon

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I hope there is as much hysteria with the exclusion of Vulcan as there was when they demoted Pluto.
I'd take the terminology hysteria a little bit further. It was never quite enough, and if IAU rejects Vulcan, I reject IAU.

First, for consistency with their definition of a planet, those are not moons (they are space stations). Second, it is not a dwarf planet, it is a binary system of dwarf planets (denying it is political correctness gone wrong). Third, "dwarf planet" is making the English language cry, the correct term is really planetino. Please, stop ravaging English, it does not like it when you do it (except when it does).

So, the moonlets Kerberos and Styx are orbiting the binary planetinos Plato and Charon. Plain and simple.

I'll never cease fighting against IAU, even when they make the occasional right naming decision once in a while, such as this one!

Oh, and while we are at it, Kerberos sounds like a deliberately obnoxious word made up by either Orcs or computer programmers, they should have gone with Persephone. Not enough female moons out there anyway.
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