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Re: What's your opinion of Gul Dukat?

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I think R. Star nailed it petty good there. Dukat is evil.
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That to me is so much more interesting than a 2-dimensional villain like the Borg. Once you know the basic Borg qualities, you know everything about them, and their motivations. That is boring.
I always considered the Borg as a perfect use of a 2D character. There more of a force as opposed to a species, a unrelenting dispassionate force. When it comes to pure evil, Dukat has nothing on the Borg.

a dispassionate force is not evil. Is not evil by definition passionate?

The Borg are more like what humans are to ants. The ants do not understand our motivations. They just see us stepping where we want killing whatever ants we want. The ants can do very little but annoy us humans. (of course there are serious amazonia ants to deal with, and fire ants are no joke, but you know what I am saying)
The Borg do not act due to inherent malice. They see a problem (disorder) and they impose their solution (order by assimilation).

man I love Trek. DS9 4 EVAH!
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