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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

Cuffe, 2372

“And then I woke up and the Borg were gone.”

Terrence Glover and Amaya Donners were walking side-by-side as they headed down a corridor. Maya had only just beamed on-board and finished explaining how she had passed out just after they had activated the Omega weapon for reason neither Doctor Ssestar Rass nor anyone else had been able to explain to her yet.

“Everyone seems to have had a similar experience to the release of the weapon. Blurred vision, a sense of weightlessness and distortion in time and space but there were no reports of anyone losing consciousness or being struck by an energy discharge. Any idea what it was?”

“None,” she said. “A system diagnosis did not show any overloads or sudden energy discharges on the bridge when it happened. All we know for sure is that it took place coincidently with the Omega release. It must be related somehow.”

“Now we may never know.”

She nodded. “But there was something else. I remember something happening to me while I was passed out. It’s almost like a quickly fading dream. I know I talked to somebody and I know it was important but every time I think I see his face or remember his voice, it slips away again. It’s very odd.”

The two captains reached their destination when they entered Cuffe’s cargo bay. Inside they found Lieutenant Seb N’Saba, Commander Rojas, Hugh as well as Daystrom who had beamed over from Agamemnon before Donners. They all stood around the resonance chamber which until recently had contained the last remaining Omega molecules the Xenarth had been able to synthesize. The chamber stood dark and empty now.

“Report,” Glover said.

The assembled men turned to face the two command officers.
“It’s confirmed,” said Daystrom, beating his colleagues to it. “No sign of the Omega molecule remains. Every last particle was consumed after we initiated the weapon.”

“And yet we have no sensor record of visual evidence that the weapon was deployed,” said a skeptical Terrence Glover. “How do you explain that?”

Clearly Daystrom couldn’t

“We know the Borg are gone,” said Pedro Rojas. “And judging by my headache something happened to us after we deployed the weapon. I think that’s enough physical evidence that we were successful.”

The answer didn’t seem to satisfy the two scientists in the room and especially not Daystrom who had once upon a time thought that the Omega molecule would provide answers to the universe’s biggest questions.

Amaya noticed the disappointed look on the man’s face. “I think it’s for the best. We didn’t blow up this system or destroy subspace throughout the quadrant. And we kept a potential super-weapon out of the Borg’s hands. I’d call this a victory.”

“No to mention we fulfilled the Omega Directive by destroying every last trace of it,” said Glover.

“But we have no real sense of how any of this was accomplished. We’ve learned almost nothing about the particle itself other than to reaffirm how powerful it can be,” said the broad-shouldered scientist.

“You know this was never about finding answers, Wayne,” she said softly, apparently happy and willing to put aside the difficult conversations she’d had with the young man about this lately. “And I think we did learn a great deal here. We learned that your theory may have been right after all. Maybe Omega really is the force behind creation itself. After the things we’ve seen it’s difficult to argue against it. And if this is true than we should be smart enough to know that we are nowhere near ready to try and mess with something powerful enough to do what it did today. Not to mention have the potential to alter or even create universes.”

Daystrom ultimately nodded in agreement, apparently seeing the wisdom in Donners’ words. She knew it would take some more time for him to fully appreciate what she had tried to tell him. After all it was difficult for any curious person, for any scientist studying the unknown, to accept that the answer to some questions were simply too complex to grasp and perhaps even too dangerous to know. At least for time being.

“Kojo to Captain Glover.”

“Go ahead, Commander,” Terrence said after he had tapped his combadge.

“Just thought you’d like to know that we no longer detect any signs of those incoming Romulan ships. They appeared to have reversed course and moved outside sensor range.”

“Good news, Commander,” he said. “Keep your eyes open just in case. Glover out,” he added and closed the channel.

Maya allowed herself a sigh of relieve. “Another crisis averted. I guess once they realized that there were no more signs of the Omega molecule they figured there was no value in trying to confront us over the Xenarth. Their interest in this system and the people of Xenarth ended after Omega vanished.”

Glover nodded. “I think we can safely assume they won’t trouble us or the Xenarth again for a good while. It does leave us with one more lose end however,” he said and both he and Donners turned to look at the former Borg drone in the room.

“You mustn’t concern yourself with me,” he said. “Captain Donners and I had an agreement and she has lived up to her side. I had a chance to observe Particle 010 one last time before it was released and it was one of the most perfect moments in my existence.”

“So what will you do now?” she asked.

“I shall return to my vessel to help effect repairs. Once complete I intend to resume our journey towards the Delta quadrant and continue our fight against those who are trying to oppose the Borg and liberate anyone I can from the collective.”

“Tall order,” said Glover.

“Before you head out again,” said Maya. “I could use your help one last time.”

Terrence shot her a quizzical look.

“Our primary mission here may be complete but I we’re not done yet,” she said in response. “In fact the hardest part has only just begun.”
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