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Re: Roger Dean sues over movie Avatar

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Didn't you once take the ridiculous stance that we were advocating copyright infringement here because we told posters not to hotlink images/leech bandwidth and to instead upload the photos to an image host?
And that's exactly the case and why got into problems with its image search. Thumbnails are okay, because they are under fair use. You can't take away an image from someone else and store it on your own server. That is indeed copyright infringement. Inline Linking (or Hotlinking) is not a violation of copyright. That's how it is, you can disagree with it all you want, but in that case you are definitely wrong. Read up Perfect 10, Inc. vs Google Inc.

I also advocated a different copyright law where everyone gets compensated for a reuse of his work. Let's say a Trek movie gets made out one of Greg Cox' Trek tie in novels. He should be compensated and credited as a writer if they do, even though he was just "a hired gun". If you create a 3D model of the TMP Enterprise in your spare time, upload it to the Interblag, and ILM downloads it and uses it in their films, you should be compensated for that since you did the work.

But if the novel only serves as inspiration for something, he doesn't need to be compensated. If something justs ends up being used in a big collage of inspirational photographs, paintings and drawings during PRE PRODUCTION to create new artwork, then there is no need for compensation.

NASA is a government entity owned by the people and its imagery is free to use by the public at large.
So the government voluntarily disclaims any need for compensation. Everyone could do the same if they chose to do so, including guys like Roger Dean. If NASA was a private organization that insisted on getting compensated for the use of their photographs and imagery, what then? So that argument is beside the point.

Animals are not copyrighted.
But photographs, drawings and paintings made of animals are.
What if you take a painting of an animal for inspiration out of a book? Someone painted it, the publisher released it, surely the painter or publisher needs to be compensated because you used his book as inspiration for your billion dollar box office smash hit. See where I'm getting at? It's not ridiculous at all.

The buildings on Coruscant were designed by Ralph MacQuarrie and later concept artists who were all paid and credited for their work by LucasFilm/20th Century Fox. Can you show a clear connection to where the building designs came from before MacQuarrie drew them, and can you demonstrate Lucas or the designers saying they got the idea for the building designs from somewhere else?
McQuarrie surely collected a bunch of photographs, drawings, blueprints of buildings before he did all his concept art sketches. Every artist has an archive of inspirational work made by others.
So yes, certainly you can make that connection.
And I do think you can spot a couple of real world buildings in Coruscant in some scenes, like Burj Dubai. Did they credit and compensate the architect?

What a remarkable reversal of opinion you've had since then.
Any other ridiculous comparisons?
Want to get personal again? Do you have anger management problems? You ALWAYS do that when you argue with people. Stop that.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.

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