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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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Darth Tom feels this weird need to compare everything, and unfortunately he missed the point of The Walking Dead massively in his description if he thinks how the military fought the zombies was of any importance to the story, since it wasn't even shown in any detail. By the time we catch up with the main cast the fighting is already over and it's just small band of survivors struggling to stay alive and overcome the zombies, other groups of survivors, and themselves.
We see the remenants of what happened at least. A big fire fight at a hospital where Rick finally leaves where apparently a large battlion of the US army presumably armed to the teeth is overtaken by slow moving walkers.

And we see Atlanta being fire bombed from the sky.

We also see the left over of the fight at the school where they try to get supplies to save Carl.

We don't see - at least in the film - in Z a large scale engagement with the military either except in Isarel either.

The point is, if someone believes the whole zombie genre is dumbass to begin with and pokes holes in the plots of - how can they do this, that and the other against a superior foe - the Walking Dead which is very popular is even less probable in terms of a scenario in which the zombies could win to the extent they have been depected to have done so.

But yes - I agree TWD isn't overall about how they overtook the US army but rather about a small group of people fighting them.

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